Three Pillars


The Safe4Sports Prevention Program is based on three main pillars – Awareness, Actions and Attitude. Within these underpinnings the main sources of intervention are: Physical Preparation, Protective Equipment, Situational Awareness and Sportsmanship & Ethics. The coach is the focal point of the program’s success but parents, administrators, official and the athletes themselves are each tasked with roles and responsibilities.

The Safe4Sports Prevention Program provides leadership and practical steps towards prevention by empowering sport organizations, sport administrators, parents, and players to become more aware and more actively involved in the process of making sport safe. Because serious sport injuries are multi-factorial, we as advocates of sport have identified the ability of each stakeholder to engage and become active participants in the prevention of injuries. The coach is to become the main advocate of safer sport participation; by building knowledge of effective play, demonstrating abilities to improve play, while nurturing a lifelong enjoyment in the sport. The Safe4Sports coach has tremendous influence on players, parents and the team’s various sport supporters. A well-prepared and trained coach affects a large number of individuals in a sporting community and can become a “Champion” of a safer sport culture.

Administrators also have a key role and responsibility to the game. They are the facilitators, evaluators, guides and sponsors of safe play.

The parent/guardian can become an “active spectator” in safety. Their responsibility begins with selection of an appropriate sport program and then continues as they nurture their athlete’s development.

The Safe4Sports Prevention Program, provides tangible resources and tools to aid coaches, administrators, parents and athletes for all ages and at all levels of play.

Shoot for a Cure believes that our Safe4Sports Prevention Program is able to build sport leaders to act as “catalysts of change” and “Champions” of a “better and safer game”. The Safe4Sports Prevention Program is a compete resourceful guide with the prevention of serious injury in sport as its ultimate goal.