No doubt this past year has been very difficult for so many of us and we all hope we are finally seeing the end of this Pandemic. We have had to pivot like so many others and never wavered on our commitment to supporting others. During the lockdown, we have been able to gain new supporters/partners and stay connected through our podcast. We hosted our first successful virtual event, online hockey playoff pool and are launching StopConcussions brands around the World. The Pandemic definitely took its toll.

We are super excited to announce that we will be able to host a COVID friendly golf tournament here in Toronto, Canada and we anticipate joining you around the World in 2022. Although the golf tournament won’t look the same and will have a slightly different format – you will still be able to enjoy a spectacular day.

We know that some of you are unable to attend or do not reside in Toronto but still want to support StopConcussions and Connected Mental Health. You can do so by contributing here or email us with specific details.

It goes without saying, the StopConcussions and Connected Mental Health crew, as always appreciate all the support we receive from around the World and we look forward to making a difference together.

If you have any further questions, please email

Appraisal & Registry

Utilizing the Safe4Sports matrix our expert schedules observation of practice and competitive events (2-3 events) a safe sport score is generated with “leading indicators of prevention” highlighted and areas of need established. Post evaluation a detailed summary is provided along with shared advice and solutions. Participation guarantees registration of the evaluated team to Safe4Sports registry. Members receive on-going resources, mentorship and receive recognition on the StopConcussion website.

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Team and Administration Clinics

These clinics are well situated in pre-season and/or just prior to the competitive season for teams. Players, coaches and administrators benefit from off-ice seminars designed for their specific roles and responsibilities in prevention. An additional parent session may also be added. In addition, on-ice clinics teaching movement concepts, fundamentals and the 4 leading indicators are provided in hourly sessions led by our trained expert instructors.

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Safe4Sports Team Seal

Teams that become members and that demonstrate maintenance and improvement in preventative practices based on re-evaluation and scoring on the Safe4Sports matrix will earn the Safe4Sports Seal as recognition of their accomplishment. Published recognition will be offered to teams and cresting, insignia and clothing options provided.

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MHA Training & Symposia

Individual seminar and/or larger on-demand symposia and training can be requested to fit into your event.

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Mentorship & Resources

Access to our experts and specific resources can be requested on an request basis. Access to these services are.

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The Safe4Sports Prevention Program is based on three main pillars – Awareness, Actions and Attitude. Within these underpinnings the main sources of intervention are: Physical Preparation, Protective Equipment, Situational Awareness and Sportsmanship & Ethics.

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In our efforts to align with the three pillars of our program: Awareness, Actions and Attitude, we have designed a number of sport training experiences, educational and training opportunities for the stakeholders of sport.


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